Sauvignon Blanc 2012
Hints of grapefruit and moved grass bring out tropical fruit flavors, leading to a crisp, refreshing finish. Awesome food wine.


Moscato 2012
Delicate aromas of white peach, citrus and honeysuckle compliment lush notes of lychee of the palate.
Extremely refreshing and makes the best Sangria you have ever tasted.

With Alfresco, we aim to strip wines down to their very essence, leaving only the honest, fresh aromas and fruit flavors as nature intended them to be. Always crisp, because we only use carefully selected ripe grapes with balanced acidity that brings the wine to life. Unoaked production makes these wines easy to enjoy.

Whether relaxing at the beach, enjoying the skilodge after a day on the slopes, or just appreciating the view from your deck on a spring evening, choose Alfresco as the perfect pairing to good company and your active, outdoor lifestyle.